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Lockdown extends to Shanghai as cases rise despite restrictive measures

Chinese authorities have begun imposing lockdowns in some areas of western Shanghai, two days earlier than planned, as the number of new covid-19 cases continues to rise rapidly in China’s most populous city, despite strict measures. already adopted.

The eastern part of China’s financial capital, with a total population of 26 million, is in its third day of lockdown, which took effect on Monday.

Chinese authorities have decided to impose restrictive measures on Shanghai in two phases, dividing the city along the Huangpu River. First, a lockdown was imposed in the Pudong business district, followed by the historic Puxi Center from Friday, so that mass tests for the covid-19 could be carried out.

A record number of asymptomatic cases were announced in Shanghai today, 5,656, and 326 accidentally. A total of 4,477 infections were reported yesterday.

However, many residents of the western part of Shanghai have already been informed yesterday, Tuesday, by the committees of the housing complexes where they live that they will not be allowed to leave their homes for the next seven days.

In the southwestern district of Minhang, where 2.5 million people live, bus services will be suspended until April 5.

The Shanghai authorities also announced that 9.1 million diagnostic tests have been performed since Monday, while they added that they are disinfecting office buildings, buildings, markets and schools.

At the same time, the local authorities warned the residents through their official WeChat account that criminal charges will be brought against anyone who refuses to undergo a diagnostic test for covid-19.

In China, which had announced that it had almost wiped out the epidemic in its territory as early as the spring of 2020, several thousand new cases have been reported daily in recent weeks, most for the past two years, due to the Omicron strain of the coronavirus.

Source: AMPE

Source: Capital

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