“Lol – Who laughs is out”, the last two episodes are online (and – spoiler – the winner)

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Finally, the promise was kept. Amazon Prime Video, which released four of six episodes online on April 1, has made the grand finale of Lol – Who laughs is out. The last two episodes of the show, an adaptation of the challenge that every child has launched, once in a lifetime, to their playmates, have appeared on the streaming platform Thursday 8 April, giving the format a worthy one conclusion.

***Caution. If you don’t want to know who won Lol stop here ***

Who won the game and who, or how, was eliminated was determined by a grueling battle, of those that the first episodes would never have predicted.

In the race, in the last two episodes of the show, seven started. Two, without any yellow cards. Frank Matano, however, it did not return long and, with Michela Giraud e Lillo, was forced to leave the game. The challenge was thus reduced to a fight between four, unthinkable, again: on the one hand, Katia Follesa, upright, on the other Ciro dei The Jackal, the one who first tried to make his comrades capitulate with dances and whistling grandmothers. Then, Elio and Caterina Guzzanti.

To stir things up, twenty-two minutes from the final gong, Fedez asked Matano to come back, to make one of his companions laugh. To yield, it was Elio, the Mona Lisa from Amazon. Caterina Guzzanti, Katia Follesa and Ciro remained in the game, all three until the end. At the end of the six hours of competition, no one had laughed yet. Fedez, with Maria Maionchi, has therefore decided to introduce a new rule: to leave, it would be the comedian who has managed to produce fewer warnings or expulsions. Guzzanti, therefore, was eliminated. And, to excel, on Follesa now tired, it was Ciro, who went to the applause of the remaining nine comedians. “I want to donate this sum to Action Aid”, he said, after having been handed a check for one hundred thousand euros.

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