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Lolita Ayala worries after revealing that she is sick, sad, depressed and without money

In November 2020, the famous Mexican journalist and television presenter Lolita Ayala launched a clothing line with his image and last October 2022 he gave a sweatshirt to the famous actress Jamie Lee Curtis on her visit to Mexico. However, she was recently seen in a wheelchair and with oxygen, which surprised viewers, who expressed her concern for the state of health of the 71-year-old commentator.

The brief meeting in which Lolita appeared before the cameras took place at the capital’s airport, where she confessed that her current condition is due to the consequences of the severe helicopter accident she suffered seven years ago. In addition, given her concern for her state of health, a very close friend of the former news presenter said that in addition to being physically ill, the journalist is not financially well either.

Photograph of the Mexican host and journalist Lolita Ayala

The statements of the source close to Lolita Ayala were published in the magazine TVNotes, revelations that set off the alarms and worried the followers of the former Televisa news host, since, apparently, she is not living her best moment. The friend of the Mexican journalist assured that she cannot walk well despite having undergone several surgeries and that she even fell on one occasion in her house and broke her femur and hip.

Faced with these complications that do not allow her to walk well and the fact that her rehabilitation is very slow, the television host falls into depression for seasons, since she is used to being a very active woman and seeing that now she has to depend on a wheelchair, cries from impotence and also from the severe pain they give him.

In addition to all the health problems she presents, Lolita Ayala is also having a hard time economically, since she has spent a lot of money on operations on her spine, hip and femur, as well as on rehabilitation and medication. Despite having major medical expenses insurance, that health plan does not cover all of the above.

After all the money she has spent on her health, the 71-year-old Mexican is going through an economic crisis both personally and at her foundation. just to helpwhich since the pandemic has not been able to collect donations and has presented legal problems with taxes, expenses, among other things, situations that have led it to think about closing it permanently.

Sweatshirt with the image of the news presenter Lolita Ayala

Things don’t seem to be going very well in the virtual clothing store with his image either, since the business has been closed since December 23. The followers believed that he was absent for vacations in the past December dates, but, apparently, this was not the case, since sales have fallen and they plan to reopen it with a new strategy.

The economic complications in her businesses, in the foundation and, above all, the health problems as a result of her broken spine and the use of oxygen due to the hypertension she suffers put Lolita Ayala in a very difficult situation. Both her friend and all the people who appreciate her hope that everything will be resolved soon so that she can continue helping people and continue to be active as she likes.

Source: Okchicas

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