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“Looks like a dump”; Woman exhibits the piggy bank that her husband made after leaving him for a few days

“Looks like a dump”;  Woman exhibits the piggy bank that her husband made after leaving him for a few days

Although more and more men are committed to being responsible adults, taking care of the housework and taking care of their own things, there are still gentlemen who do not even know how to wash their underwear and the cleanliness of their home depends entirely on of his wife or, failing that, of his mother.

As an example of this, we have the case of this male, who was left alone at home while his wife left the city for a few days. Contrary to what many would think, or perhaps not, when the woman returned home, he found that it was a dump and could not help but display it on networks, where the man’s lack of cleaning habits went viral.

The one in charge of exposing her husband was Anna Bojorqueza woman who, through her TikTok account, wanted to make public the disaster she found in her house after being absent for a few days, during which time her husband was in charge of cleaning the house and taking care of their pets .

Taking things with a bit of humor, during the recording, the woman is heard telling her husband that if she were embarrassed, she would not have found the house a mess, so she decided to expose it and show dirty dishes everywhere. , food scraps and garbage scattered throughout the house.

Assuring that she had gone on a trip to Sinaloa, Mexico, the woman said that her husband was waiting for her to return so that she could clean, since it showed that she was not able to take out or throw away the food that was spoiled in the refrigerator. .

He then pointed out that in addition to not cleaning the house, during those days, the man slept on the mat with the dog, in order not to make the bed or clean the room. In the end, when questioned why he did not clean the house for a single day, the gentleman ended up blaming the animals, since he assured that they make a lot of landfill.

The clip where this woman exhibits her husband was so controversial that it did not take long to become popular among users of the short video platform, where thousands of people were outraged after the man’s action, so the wife did not hesitate to remove it from her profile within a few hours of posting it.

However, some users managed to rescue it and republished it from other platforms, where it continued to gain popularity and was filled with comments from Internet users who could not believe how the man managed to live those days with that pig.

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