Lorenzo Damiano, leader No vax, repents after hospitalization: “Get everyone vaccinated”

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“Sometimes you have to go through a narrow door to understand things as they are.” After a week of intensive care, Lorenzo Damiano, 56, one of the most convinced No vax leaders, has changed his mind. Always close to the extreme right, he had run for mayor of Conegliano, his city, with the list “Nuremberg 2” (the reference is to the trial of the Nazis responsible for the Shoah, but he wanted to bring scientists and journalists to court), and during the election campaign he organized several public meetings with deniers, No vax and No green pass.

But now his message – broadcast through the TV station Antenna 3 – has changed profoundly: «My vision of the geopolitical world has obviously changed. I will be ready as soon as possible to let the whole world know how much it is important to collectively follow science, the one that saves you. I had a monoclonal treatment, I thank the Vittorio Veneto department who followed me, they were wonderful. And anyway I do the vaccine, I went through everything I had to go through ». And finally the appeal: “Get all vaccinated, I will get vaccinated».

Lorenzo Damiano is just the last of the deniers who have backed down. A few days ago Pasquale Mario Bacco, medical examiner, member of the association “L’Eretico” and convinced No vax, has retraced his steps. “The virus has changed. And it kills. I saw young, athletic, healthy boys before getting infected, dying in intensive care. Enough gatherings in the square and just deny the virus. I have not “converted to the vaccine”, quite the contrary. But to say that the virus does not exist is for delinquents“. And again: «In intensive care I have seen too many young people, most of them not vaccinated, but there is no shortage of vaccinated people. The time has come for the no vax group to realize this too ».

Sometimes, however, not even hospitalization is enough to undermine the convictions of the most intransigent. “A good 30-35% remain firm in their choice, have an attitude of refusal and often aggressive towards operators, because in their view of things Covid does not exist, and doctors and nurses are part of the plot”, he explained toAdnkronos Massimo Puoti, director of Infectious Diseases at the Niguarda hospital in Milan.

«Ma we have 60-70% who realize, as he is in the hospital, that he has miscalculated. Many people have cried and advised relatives and friends to get the vaccine. Proven people who needed more or less invasive respiratory support, unfortunately had to undergo the famous CPAP, the pronated position or end up in resuscitation. Many realize that you were wrong and many certainly wouldn’t do it again. With shades of greater or lesser repentance, or emotionality ».

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