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Losing weight in a week is the goal that no one should ever set for these reasons

Lose weight in a week. To those who happen to want to try theheroic feat, in anticipation of a special occasion, to be able to wear those old jeans that you just can't part with. Or even just in view of one weekend at the seaside and of that fateful moment of the year which, still too often, like a sort of gauntlet, is presented to us as «costume fitting”.

Whatever the objective, the temptation – let's face it – is often to dive into the web hunting of the diet capable of ensure record results in a short time. Maybe just in just one week.

But the so-called flash diets do they really exist? And above all, are we sure that they are always the right choice?

«In reality this type of diet they are never correct, nor structured. These are more often about diets do-it-yourself that they entail more pitfalls than benefits» – underlines the doctor Chiara Boscaro, biologist and nutritionist at the San Siro Clinical Institute in Milan and the Zucchi Clinical Institutes in Monza.

After a very restrictive diet i Lost pounds are typically regained almost immediately. But not only. Why these diets they hide other pitfalls.

«With excessively restrictive diets you especially risk having a physical deterioration Why you lose lean mass. And the loss of lean mass also affects the metabolismmaking it less efficient – underlines the expert. – This means that, when you start eating normally again, you recover everything in a short time but also that, every time you start following a diet again, it's done even more difficult to lose weight. This makes it more difficult to maintain weight in the long term to burn even fewer calories at rest».

The risks of the yo-yo effect on health

Another aspect that we often tend to overlook is the effect that the weight fluctuations they can have on general health of the organism.

«The classic yo-yo effect, if repeated, can stress the cardiovascular system – specifies Dr. Boscaro. – Exposing to hypertension, metabolic diseases and even to an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetessince continuous weight fluctuations influence also insulin sensitivity. Without forgetting the risk of chronic inflammation at the level of the organism which we know is a predisposing factor for many pathologies.”

Lose weight in a week: if the problem is swelling and retention

Close up of a young multi-ethnic woman's stomach cupped by her hands. High quality photoMeeko Media

However, avoiding drastic diets does not mean having to abandon your good intentions to get back into shape. If indeed the goal is to get rid of those 2 or 3 extra kilos mainly due retention or swelling, exist effective strategies that can give good results, even in a week.

«The first piece of advice to follow, which tends to be underestimated, is to chew slowly and maintain proper hydration. In fact, swelling is often mainly due to rapid chewing and dehydration – underlines the expert. – In addition to trying to drink, as they always say, at least 1 and a half or 2 liters of water, you can also aim on tea and herbal teasmaybe with draining and purifying effectsuch as those based on birch, dandelion, nettle or lemon balm».

Favorite foods

«At the table, however, better prefer seasonal vegetables every day, whole grains and proteins from white meat, oily fish – as mackerel, sardines, but also fresh salmonwhich contain good polyunsaturated fatty acids – eggs and legumesparticularly suitable, the latter, because, in addition to being an excellent source of vegetable proteins, contain lots of fibre, vitamins and mineral salts they increase the sense of satiety. Without neglecting foods rich in potassiumas the dried fruit, potatoes, bananas, avocadocapable of dealing with the water retention. However, they are excellent for flavoring foods alternatives to salt which can promote retention, are the aromatic herbs, spices, lemon and apple cider vinegar. While extra virgin olive oil is always recommended as a condiment. All this, without neglecting the cooking methodspreferring cooking to baked or baked in foil, and grilled».

…and those to avoid

Assorted selection of tea biscuits and chocolate chip cookies
Assorted selection of tea biscuits and chocolate chip cookiesal8er

For reduce retention and swellinginstead, in course of the weekit is good to abstain from certain types of foods.

“Primarily, simple sugars (contained, for example, in biscuits, snacks and fruit juices) That, attracting water to the cellsthey create swelling – continues the expert. – And then carbonated and sugary drinks, alcohol, cold cuts, sausages, red meat, cheeses as well as, in general, processed and preserved foods. If the problem is due to retention, in short, eat healthily even for a week can provide benefits. Especially if it goes with acorrect nutrition as well as motor activity».

Losing weight: is it a question of metabolism?

obese woman with scales
7 categories of people who have more difficulty losing weight and why
Overweight? It depends on the fact that both the hypothalamus and other brain structures influence on an unconscious level. One of the leading experts on therapeutic fasting explains it in his book Happy fasting. Which reveals how fasting (and not classic diets) can help us prevent and treat overweight and obesity

But if drastic diets they are sworn enemies of metabolismare there strategies to follow that can help make it work correctly?

«Even if metabolism is partly a genetic question, it is true that the more lean mass you have, the better your metabolism works – assures Dr. Boscaro. – For this reason, eating adequately, not skipping meals and avoiding excesses of simple sugars and unnecessary fats are the suggested strategies. Keeping in mind that There are no miracle supplements to speed up your metabolism Why the only truly effective strategy to stimulate him it's physical activity: Everything is fine kilo of muscle increases metabolism by approximately 1.5%. The rule must then be to stay active daily, avoiding excessive sedentary behavior and practicing 40 minutes of physical activity, at least 3 times a week. By being followed by an expert in the case of structured activities.”

Better to focus on long-term strategies

Instead of thinking about losing weight in a week, in short, better choose to set the right eating habits to be maintained in the long term. And which can also prove valuable from a weight loss perspective.

«You need to follow a balanced diet that provides the right energystarting from the assumption that the correct calorie balance varies based on age, sex and habits – concludes the nutritionist. – On a general level, a balanced diet should always include a source of complex carbohydrates, one of lean proteins And good fats, in the right proportion. Including the famous three portions of vegetables a day And two of fruit. And instead avoiding the classic mistake Of eliminate cereals to lose weight, especially the whole ones. Who are instead precious allies.”

Source: Vanity Fair

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