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Love at first sight beauty: the eco-chic perfume

Peace is first and foremost a state of mind of calm and tranquility, which we could imagine as a silent library in the midst of the confusion of New York. This space of peace can be found thanks to awareness practices or through olfactory notes that relax and make space within oneself. Bond No.9 The Sceant of Peace Natural takes up the olfactory composition of the bestselling fragrance launched in 2006, but does so in an eco-sustainable way, interpreting peace through a natural approach, synonymous with environmental protection.

It is a creation clean with notes obtained in a sustainable way that mark a generational step. The creator nose is Michel Almairac who accepted the challenge of using only natural notes and created a fresh fragrance, as light as the mood you feel while immersed in the green, a breath of fresh air.

Michel used natural and vegan essential oils extracted directly from raw materials. «The perfume opens on the fresh, sparkling and fruity notes of lemon, petitgrain and black currant. In the heart notes, the rose and raspberry bring charisma while the woody musky notes of cedar wood, ambroxan and musk sign the fragrance giving character, “he explained. “I created this perfume by meticulously choosing every single ingredient, the challenge was to harmonize and enhance them together, releasing an elegance with a natural allure”. The alcohol used is also composed of water and natural ingredients.

Enclosed in the classic star-shaped bottle, The Scent of Peace Natural takes on a relaxing mint green shade.

Source: Vanity Fair

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