Love at first sight beauty: the Gucci palette of desire

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What makes a eye palette so desirable? Its beauty. It doesn’t matter how many shade we will really use eye shadows, the mere fact of having so many available is a stimulus to creativity and to infinite ways of seeing ourselves through those colors, each time combined in different and therefore always new combinations. Because, after all, it is always the new that keeps the desire alive. And if it is beauty that makes a palette so desirable, its aesthetic oriented towards contemplation and not just use, makes it a collector’s item.

Like the new and first signature eye palette Gucci Beauty, Floral Eye Beauty Palette, a symbol of joy and beauty, exactly like the flowers drawn on the box and the nuances to which they have given their nuance. THE 12 eyeshadows, dal finish satin, matte or metallic, are flowers transformed into make-up and reflect the combinations that really exist in nature. They are the shades of autumn with its red and brown leaves falling from the trees, the full and bright colors of the early spring buds, and the darker and deeper shades typical of the winter landscape. Landscapes so imbued with beauty that they can also be evoked with make-up.

Gucci Beauty, Floral Eye Beauty Palette

Cosimo Sereni

The texture of the eye shadows is long-lasting and highly pigmented, and the sensoriality changes according to the finish. The three metallic shades are silky, with a chrome finish that brightens the eye. The two satin shades transform into an ultra-thin layer as soon as they are applied to the eyelid, while the seven shades matte they glide smoothly to give fullness to the color.

L’case it is lacquered black, with golden profiles, while the lid has an elegant vintage-inspired floral decoration on the top, which evokes the name of the palette. An object to keep or collect, an accessory full of life because it can be transformed into something else or recharged thanks to the removable eyeshadow set. And this is precisely the power of beautiful objects: they do not expire over time.


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