Love at first sight beauty: the new Dior Addict

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Fashion accessory, passepartout lipstick to be applied even while on the move, an object of desire that has conquered women who do not want to have excessively pigmented lips, but who love light. Dior Addictthe lipstick that breaks the rules and today revisited under the direction of Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director of Dior Make-Up, embodies many different souls, and crudeoil2.0 has reinterpreted it, elevating it to a work of art for the beauty cover of the magazine.

The new version of Dior Addict is composed of 90% ingredients of natural origin, infused with floral treatment. Peter Philips has created a brand new palette of 40 shades that include new classics and original creations.

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The effect that unites them all is the mirror effect shinemade possible by jasmine wax, Christian Dior’s favorite flower, and vegetable oils that form a thin film that is deposited on the lips and whose reaction to light gives an extreme brightness.

The new star shade

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Dior 8, a reference to the lucky number of the Maison and the world of Dior couture, is a brick red that breaks the codes of the classic red: «8, the lucky number of Dior, today becomes the lucky color of the Maison. This gorgeous brick red is perfect for most lips. One shade is sophisticated, but at the same time suitable for everyone, ”comments Peter Philips.

As a fashion accessory

Designed as a real fashion accessory, the lipstick is presented in four cases inspired by the codes of the Maison. Three new “dresses” are added to the black case rechargeable and more sustainable. Metallic Silverwith mirror reflections, Indigo Denimwhich enhances the noble qualities of raw denim and a tribute to the elegant leather goods of the Maison: Pink Cannage, a case with a pink vinyl effect, with stitching with a typical pattern cannage.

Source: Vanity Fair

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