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Love Is Blind 4: Ingrid says Leandro tried to maintain a relationship in a “dirty” way

The participant of the Blind Marriage: A New Chance , Ingrid Santa Rita stated that she and Leandro Marcal whom she married on the show, are no longer together. The architect said during the reunion that the reason for the breakup was the lack of respect on the part of the personal trainer, who, according to her, tried to maintain the marriage in a “dirty” and filthy way”.

“When I chose you as my husband, I imagined that since you have three sisters, you would know what not to do. You didn’t. You disrespected me several times. I protected you every day on the reality show, from the first day, from the honeymoon. For those who have doubts, the sexual problem was Leandro’s. Leandro was a wimp,” she said.

“I understood, I welcomed you as a man, as a black man, taking away the whole stereotype that a black man needs to always be ready for good sex, like a black woman. But when we went to my house, you wanted to solve it alone, Leandro. I told you: ‘Go to therapy. I’ll wait. I’ll be patient with you and when all this is over and over, I’ll still be here waiting for you. We’ll reconnect. We’ll do couples therapy and we’ll reconnect. What were you doing, Leandro? Do you remember? You waited for me to sleep,” he continued.

“First I slept naked, then I slept in my underwear, then I started sleeping in my pajamas, then I grabbed my pillow and went to sleep on my couch, running away from you in my bed, in my room, in my house. You didn’t respect me a single day, that’s why I broke up with you. The day my daughters found me on the floor having a panic attack asking for the love of God for you not to touch my body, I asked you not to touch me . I asked you more than once, Leandro, not to touch me and you didn’t respect me. . You didn’t listen to me. You wanted to solve your erectile problem with yourself. It was your ego. It was your lies. Because you just wanted to keep that marriage in its dirty, filthy form. “, said.

Finally, Ingrid said she wanted to distance herself from her ex-husband: “I am disgusted by you. I want to make that very clear. I am disgusted by your voice. I am disgusted by your mouth. I am disgusted by the way you look at me. I do not want you near me. I do not want any closeness. I am making this very clear for everyone here to hear, I do not want this man near me. You have no right. Give me the name, Leandro, of what you did to me.”

In response, Leandro apologized and said that the relationship between the two was never healthy. He also stated that the sexual part was a problem.

“When I participated in the program, we started to have a relationship and it was never friendly, it was never really healthy. We never really managed to connect. Our sexual part was something that really bothered me. At a certain point, I took a test, went to seek help, and tried to understand what was happening. We understood that it wasn’t a physical problem. It was a psychological problem,” he said.

“I felt like we weren’t 100% there, but I was completely in love with her. Totally involved. She’s a person who’s helping me a lot, she’s a person I love and she’s a person I have a future with. My ‘yes’ was always sincere, I never wavered from my ‘yes’. At certain moments, I noticed that Ingrid was like ‘ah, it’s either yes or no, it’s either yes or no’. Did she have that: ‘Man, I love Leandro so much that I really want to be with him for the rest of my life’. Will we ever understand this, the problems that each of us was bringing up”, he continued.

In the sexual part, I never said I was right . Yes, I was wrong to try to solve a problem in our relationship that was the main reason you said: ‘50% of the relationship is sex, we need to fix that’. I sought help, yes, but things don’t happen that quickly. When I was already in this situation, we were already halfway through at the end. Our relationship was already really horrible. The sexual part was our problem, yes, because I thought that this would be what would solve the relationship’s problem. And then my ego took over and I thought that if I solved this, the relationship would move forward”, he continued.

“Our relationship really didn’t work out. I apologize, as I’ve apologized to you many times. I understand what my mistake was, but I also understand that a relationship is made by two people. Our relationship didn’t end that week. Our relationship had already ended, you just didn’t have the courage to say that you didn’t want it anymore,” he concluded.

The reunion of Blind Marriage: A New Chance entered the Netflix catalog this Wednesday (10).

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Source: CNN Brasil

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