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Love Is Blind Brazil 4: find out which couples are still together

The reunion of Blind Marriage: A New Chance entered the Netflix catalog in the early hours of this Wednesday (10). The episode revealed which couples from the fourth season of the reality show are still together.

The five couples who advanced in the experiment were present. In addition, Khaled and Muriel, who met on the show but were not part of the main cast, also participated in the reunion.

At the altar, three couples said yes: Alexandre and Renata, Ingrid and Leandro and Leonardo and Vanessa. Marília and Patrick said no, but said they were dating. Ariela and Evandro gave up on the experiment before the wedding.

The dynamic led by presenters Camila Queiroz and Klebber Toledo consisted of breaking a frame with a photo of the couple if they were no longer together. See below which couples remained together one year after the end of the reality show’s recordings.

  • Alexandre and Renata are still together
  • Ingrid and Leandro no are closer together
blind marriage
  • Leonardo and Vanessa are still together
blind marriage
  • Marilia and Patrick no are closer together
blind marriage

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Source: CNN Brasil

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