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Love Is Blind Brazil 4: part of the cast meets in a bar in SP

Part of the cast of Blind Marriage: A New Chance met at a bar in São Paulo on Sunday night (7). All the girls who advanced in the experiment were present and shared a record of the meeting on social media.

Three couples formed on the reality show were together at the location: Alexander It is Renata , Leonardo It is Vanessa It is Khaled It is Muriel who met on the show, but are not part of the main cast. Despite saying yes at the altar to Ingrid , Leandro was not present. Evandro who left the experiment before marriage, and Patrick which together with Marilia chose not to marry, did not participate in the meeting.

It is not yet known which couples will remain together. The participants’ relationship status will be revealed at the reunion, which will air on Netflix on Wednesday (10).

Relive the journey of the couples from Love Is Blind: A Second Chance

  • Ariela Carasso and Evandro Pinto

The events director Ariela and the security guard Evandro were the first couple of the new season. She is 34 years old and is the mother of a nine-year-old girl; he is 35 and is the father of two girls. Although Evandro felt that his fiancée was a little more distant on their honeymoon, the couple made it through the first phase of the program without any major obstacles.

However, a clash occurred as soon as they returned to “real life” and received their respective cell phones. At home, Ariela came across a message from Evandro to an ex-girlfriend, in which he calls her “love” and “baby”. Faced with the situation, the participant decides to spend the night outside the apartment they are sharing.

Days later, a new revelation from Evandro shakes up the couple’s relationship, which tried to adjust after the disagreements. In a certain conversation, the security guard mentioned that he has other children and, when explaining the story, more drama is added to the relationship, causing the security guard to give up on the reality show and, consequently, the engagement.

  • Marilia Pinheiro and Patrick Ribeiro

At 37 years old, bank employee Marília Pinheiro is engaged to traffic manager Patrick Ribeiro, 32, despite the participant confusing her, at the beginning of the attraction, with Renata, who is also part of the season’s cast.

Sharing similar personalities, the couple even exchanged some barbs in real life, right after their honeymoon, when Marília reported that she was looking for more attention and maturity from her partner. One of the examples she mentioned was the amount of time he spent on his cell phone or sleeping, while she performed other tasks alone.

Furthermore, the bank employee also expressed some discomfort with the way Patrick usually expresses himself in relation to marriage, treating the subject as a possibility and not a certainty. Despite the uncertain future, the lovebirds are also expected to go to the altar.

blind marriage
  • Ingrid Santa Rita and Leandro Marçal

Architect Ingrid, 33, and personal trainer Leandro, 32, also connected during the season. Right in the first stage, still in the cabins, the two shared similar interests in building a family and other personal projects.

Already on their honeymoon, despite the romantic atmosphere, Ingrid showed some discomfort with the sex life that the couple would lead, so much so that, later on, the two participate in a tantric sex dynamic, with the intention of stimulating a deeper and more intimate connection.

Another highlight of the couple is Leandro’s financial responsibility in their life together. At times, Ingrid did not hide her doubts and questions about what he wants, since she is self-employed, has two daughters and still does not see her partner as the necessary partnership.

blind marriage
  • Alexandre Thomaz and Renata Giaffredo

Despite brief disagreements during the blind date, lawyer Renata Giaffredo, 33, and businessman Alexandre, 34, also went on their honeymoon, developing a partnership.

Once in the apartment, the couple began to feel the first obstacles in their life together. Alexandre has been asked by Renata to show more affection – since she has a habit of declaring her love and commitment so that the romance can work.

  • Vanessa Kurashiki and Leonardo Placio

In addition to sharing the same profession, lawyers Vanessa, 33, and Leonardo, 34, are also from the coast of São Paulo. In the cabin, after a series of conversations, the two matched and went on their honeymoon.

On social media, the bride and groom stand out as one of the favorite couples of the edition, whether for their fun personalities or for managing to maintain their own individuality while evolving in their romance.

blind marriage

Source: CNN Brasil

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