“Love Island”: what to expect from the Italian version of the show (with Giulia De Lellis)

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A beach, a house, the promise of summer, if not eternal, love. Love Island, the most popular among the international dating shows, has been adapted for Italy, the first edition of what Discovery hopes will be “many”. The show, whose management was entrusted to Giulia De Lellis, yet, has not been shot. THEOn June 7, however, it will debut on Discovery+, where – in the month to come – there will be episodes, special contents and surveys to enrich the narration. Love Island, at whose castings over sixteen thousand aspiring competitors presented themselves, will, in fact, be the first interactive dating show on Italian television. The idea is that the public, in the great circus of singles called to fall in love, with the same speed and lightness that summers bring with them, can intervene as an author. Through an app, expressing your preferences.

Users will be asked to make plot choices, to have their say, in an unprecedented combination of entertainment and enjoyment. “I for one, if I were single, I think I would have participated in a show like Love Island. It is very different from Men women: boys are given the opportunity to be together twenty-four hours a day. It is an incredible experience, a game that captures the mind and heart “, explained Giulia De Lellis, admitting, however, that, in the month in Gran Canarie, where the show will be shot and uploaded online, she will miss her fiancé, Carlo Gusalli Beretta enormously. «He is a boy from other times, I have never met anyone who is like him. Despite his age, he has absolute depth and sensitivity. It is more unique than rare, and I apologize if I sound pathetic », laughed, with some embarrassment, the presenter, hoping to have the same lucidity as Maria De Filippi. “She is by no means a detached woman. Only, in her work, she manages to maintain an enviable objectivity, ”she explained, saying she was amazed at the responsibility that Discovery wanted to entrust to her. “The management was one of my great goals, but when I received the proposal I asked myself:” Who are these fools? ” group of singles, aged between 19 and 30 years.

“They are beautiful guys, where” beautiful “does not refer only to an aesthetic category”, swore the leaders of Discovery, promising realism. “The show,” they said, “simulates summer loves, their volatility. It is the romantic tale of what happened in the summers of each of us, in those weeks when one has the ability to fall in love in one evening to change one’s mind the next day ».

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