Lovers of decluttering or tied to objects of the heart: what relationship do you have with order in the house?

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We love the minimal style, but we allow ourselves some exemptions. To say it is the investigation commissioned by eBay a Squared, who outlined i profiles of Italians in terms of household order.

The research returns a snapshot of how we interpret the decluttering. We like the order and theorganization of environments domestic, considered synonymous with personal well-being, but we just can’t get rid of some objects.

71% think that tidy and minimal houses convey well-being, 70% like to eliminate something old to make way for the new and 66% think that getting rid of useless things means taking care of themselves.

Needless to say, they are the very young of the GenZ the most attentive to new trends. More than others, they know what it means decluttering (35%) or have already heard of it. They are also the ones most in agreement with the metodo KonMari, and therefore that “To live a happier life you need to get rid of all the objects that no longer give us joy” (81%). The Baby Boomers agree less (38%).

Taking a closer look at our homes, it turns out that 70% of them are tidy and 52% have few things lying around. We therefore reveal ourselves to be lovers of minimal space. The fewer objects in a house, the better (59%) and, in moments of crisis or stress, getting rid of some things makes us feel good (58%).

To prefer tidy spaces with few things on the shelves are above all the Millennials (41%). Ultimately, however, we are also a people of “ants” who tends to keep objects for sentimental reasons (62%) or for reasons of utility (56%), as told by 4 profiles emerged from this research.

The provident accumulators

In the majority we are provident accumulators (45%), that is, we tend to keep many objects at home without being able to get rid of them, not so much for the emotions they arouse, but for usefulness.

We would never dream of throwing them away precisely because they could be useful in the future (90%). Thus, in our homes there is often an abundance of old documents, clothing, stationery products, shop bags, kitchen tools.

The Zen of tidying up

Second classified the zen of the reorganization (25%), that is, those who often feel the urge to free their home from what has become useless, especially when they feel they need to feel better (53%).

Their life motto is “Tidying up your home means tidying up your life” and, during the lockdown, it is above all they who have taken advantage of it for get rid of the superfluous (55%).

Although they tend to throw everything away, the cleanup Zen – 31% of Millennials surveyed – feel that the house is still full of useless or superfluous things.

This because they cannot find the right place for them. They firmly believe that getting rid of the useless is liberating and therapeutic especially in times of crisis or stress.

Nostalgic collectors

In third position we find nostalgic collectors (20%), which retain everything that makes their hearts beat and brings back memories. For this they accumulate books, clothing, children’s chores made by children, children’s clothes and even deceased loved ones.

Even nostalgic collectors happen to have the need to free their homes and, when they do, it costs them effort, because they are fond of objects.

Choosing what to throw away and what to keep makes them anxious and mostly they order without throwing anything away (22%). Often they just move things to other places in the house, and they mostly possess a “memory box”.

I minimalist series

Finally, in the last position we find i minimalist series (10%) che in front of a closet overflowing with clothes and on shelves full of things they haven’t used for a long time, they react by getting rid of everything that is no longer needed.

In full Marie Kondo style, they firmly believe that in times of crisis getting rid of some things is good (71%) and they think it is better to eliminate something old to make room for the new (84%).

Also for this reason, there is nothing useless in their homes. Minimal environments, tidy, with few things on the shelves or hung on the walls. Curious to know that serial minimalists have heard of decluttering (29%), but they don’t know exactly what it consists of.

What category do you think you belong to? Whatever it is, this can still be a good time to rearrange the house or, at least, make a little order.

In the gallery above, the precious tips of the guru Maria Kundo to start on the right foot.

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