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Luana Piovani says she relives the trauma of abandonment when she sees Iza become a single mother

The actress Luana Piovani revealed, on the morning of this Thursday (11), that relived the trauma of abandonment generated by the end of your marriage after seeing the singer Iza announces her separation of the football player Yuri Lima .

The voice of “Dona de Mim” and “Ginga” revealed, on Wednesday night (10), that she had been betrayed by her husband during her pregnancy and made the decision to make the betrayal public before even talking to him.

The star of “The Invisible Woman” and “Suave Veneno” had already left a comment on Iza’s post and, this Thursday, posted a 12-minute video reflecting on the situation. In the story, Luana expresses solidarity with Iza and cries as she talks about the frustrations she experienced and which were rekindled with the revelation of Yuri Lima’s betrayal.

“TEvery time I see a woman become a single mother I rewatch my story and it’s very sad. My story is not similar to that of our wonderful sister. But in this place, suddenly becoming a single mother is [parecida. Você vive a frustração da sua fantasia falida”, afirmou a atriz. “Não tem ninguém que case não querendo dar certo e não fantasiando uma vida em família. A gente fantasia.”

“Na verdade, não é a família que a gente fantasia, é a vida em família, é a casa com a criança, com ela crescendo, o cachorro, o jardim para ela correr, para você molhar”, enumerou Luana. 

No desabafo, ela contou que ainda se sente frustrada pelo fato de sua família não ter dado certo. Ela foi casada com o surfista Pedro Scooby, com quem tem três filhos, de 2013 a 2019. Os dois são pais de Dom, de 12 anos, e os gêmeos Bem e Liz, de 8 anos.

“Dói em mim, praticamente todos os dias. [A história da Iza] It’s sad, thebesides being a trigger for me, because I remember when I looked in the mirror and said: ‘man, you’re alone, it’s up to you’. It’s very sad, I’m very sad for her to go through this at the end of her pregnancy”, she said.

She said that, before seeking therapy, she could not understand how someone could not value something that was so precious to her, like her children’s lives and building a family.

“Nobody is obliged to like anyone, but it is very difficult to understand how someone does not value a miracle. Life is a miracle, creating a life is a miracle, it is pure God, it is the Cosmos, it is the greatest power. I find this not being valued completely disorienting. At least, I was very disoriented to see that the most incredible, most precious, most valuable thing I had, which was my family, was not valued”, she defended.

Watch the full video of Luana Piovani

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Source: CNN Brasil

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