Luca Argentero and Cristina Marino get married. The announcement in a video: “It will be a celebration of love”

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Cristina Marino e Luca Argentero they are about to become husband and wife. The actress announced the wedding with a video in his Instagram Stories in which he explains that he will not share much of the ceremony «because we are discreet and we like private things to remain private“. Cristina has not disclosed the date, but has made it known that the marriage, “Covid permitting”, will be «A very simple feast of love».

Luca, born in 1978, and Cristina, thirteen years youngerand, they met in 2015 on the set of “Holidays in the Caribbean”, when he was still married to his historic ex-wife Myriam Catania (now linked to Quentin Kammermann with whom she had a son in May 2017). Soon the actor decided to turn the page and throw himself into a new relationship: «Life is made for making good plans. I’ve always said that facing the world in two is definitely better “, he declared in 2019.

Within a few months they became three. Their first baby was born last May, Nina Hope. Who in all likelihood will not be the only daughter of the couple. Because both Luca and his partner dream of a large family: “I would like to have three of children. I’m young and I have plenty of time, ”she said. “If it were up to Luca, who is an enthusiast, we would give birth to an entire football team“. Now, however, there is a wedding to be organized.

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