Luca Argentero and Cristina Marino got married: the wedding in a sidecar in Città delle Pieve

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No official photos and no captions posted on Instagram: just a very short video on TikTok that sees the newlyweds Luca Argentero and Cristina Marino whiz on board a sidecar for the center of Città delle Pieve, in the province of Perugia. Attempts to mislead journalists and onlookers have had the desired effect: Luca and Cristina, parents of little Nina Speranza, said yes Saturday 5th June without attracting attention. The civil ceremony, officiated by the mayor Fausto Risini, saw the couple exchanging rings in the town hall in the presence of only two witnesses and a photographer.

The ceremony was preceded by an aperitif at the home of Luca Argentero, who passed the lockdown in his residence in the middle of the green, outside the town, together with about thirty relatives and friends, including Raz Degan. Then the sidecar ride to the town hall, with Argentero at the wheel and Marino, in a white suit, in the passenger seat. “It was an honor to celebrate the wedding of a friend who is now living here, feels Pievese in all respects and does not fail to help our community, even by donating his image for the promotional video of our town” he explained the mayor Risini.

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The wedding was announced last March by Cristina with a video on Instagram but, out of discretion, the exact date of the marriage was not disclosed. After the public release in sidecar, however, the news began to spread and was anticipated, first, by Umbria24.

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