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Luca De Fusco appointed director of the Teatro di Roma: the artists' letter of protest, from Matteo Garrone to Elio Germano

Great controversy at the Rome Theater. After the appointment of director Luca De Fusco as general director, chaos broke out. De Fusco, in fact, was appointed by the Foundation Council without the president of the Foundation Francesco Siciliano being present and without the councilor of the Municipality of Rome Natalia di Iorio. The words of Siciliano, who then called an emergency press conference: «The meeting of the board of directors that appointed Luca De Fusco is invalid as stated in the Foundation's statute. I believe that it is invalid even beyond the legal aspects, I believe that this way of proceeding represents a blow to the very nature of this Theatre, to its cultural value, to the relationship that binds it first and foremost to the city”. Culture Councilor Miguel Gotor was more direct: «It is clear that There is an ongoing attempt by the right to occupy a fundamental reality of the Roman and Italian cultural system which we denounce and which we will oppose with all our strength.” Mayor Gualtieri then also intervened on the controversy: «On the day in which the President of the Republic issues a warning against the unique thought in culture from the right, a disturbing signal arrives that must sound as an alarm for those who care about pluralism and the meaning of institutions.”

And now she was born a letter of complaint signed by artists from all over Italy and published in full by Republic. Among the signatories, Matteo Garrone, Lino Guanciale, Elio Germano and Vinicio Marchioni. «The letter was published in the urgency of the events, it will be necessary to update it with all the names of a Roman and national community that is dealing with it at this moment and which, for exclusive reasons of time, was unable to be a signatory», we read in the note. The complaint: «We believe that this way of proceeding represents a serious blow to the relationship of loyalty and institutional respect which link the capital's theater to the city, to its artists, to the public as a whole and to those who work every day to keep the theater itself going”. And again: «As artists we would hope for a widely shared appointment of a competent figure who can look to the good of the Theater and the cultural development of the city of Rome in all its components. A figure with a broad and inclusive vision, who can guarantee solidity, pluralism, a profound knowledge of the institutional machine, of the national and international context and of the diversified and fruitful Roman territory. We also add that in the trio selected by the Commission, which could have up to 5 names, there is no gender equality, nor even young figures ». Finally, the conclusion: «We reiterate our support for the Municipality of Rome with the firm intention of counter-attacking, having the absolute moral duty to do so».

Source: Vanity Fair

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