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Lucas Lucco announces career break to take care of mental health

Lucas Lucco took fans by surprise last Thursday (07) when he announced a career break to take care of his mental health. Through a statement, he revealed that he suffers from BAD (Bipolar Affective Disorder) and that this year, the intensity of the crises has increased.

“In the year 2023, I had to release a note twice to justify the postponement and cancellation of some shows, rearranging and struggling with the schedule due to various and various commitments that the companies that currently have me demand. I had numerous crises throughout the year, but on November 7th, it became very intense.”, he began.

“From then on, I remained symptom-free for only three days out of those 30. I was already undergoing a type of treatment and now I decided to seek out a specialized professional who, in my case, completely changed the approach to help me stabilize.”, continued the singer.

After justifying his departure from the stage, Lucas Lucco highlighted his certainty that this unstable phase of his mental health will be behind him. “I’m sure I can get through this again, but I need a few days at home until I can recover and feel good about this change.”, he wrote.

“I love everything I do, I love my work, on and off the stage, but sometimes TAB can limit me a lot, and that’s why I need that little break. I apologize to the people who were going to the shows this weekend, I’m sorry, but I need to be 100% for my son, for the stage, for the companies and to realize the dreams and goals that I still have to achieve.”, he declared. .

Finally, he made a request to his followers. “You know, there are open wounds that are invisible to our eyes, but they are still very, very painful. Be kind to everyone, because you never know what that person is going through behind the scenes, and many, when leaving the house, choose a mask to wear.”

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Before that, the singer had already spoken out, on November 8, to update his followers about his emotional state. At the time, he left a message and warned people who might be trying to contact him. “I’m posting this to warn people who have been trying to contact me without a response. Thanks. I’ll be back when I’ve recovered,” he wrote.

Source: CNN Brasil

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