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Luciana Gimenez says she considers an open relationship and reveals she is demisexual

Luciana Gimenez, 54, opened up about romantic relationships and identified as demisexual.

The presenter of RedeTV! recently sparked a debate by claiming on social media that open relationships could be the future of romance.

In an interview with Quem, the star was asked about non-monogamous relationships, and declared that the younger generation has a more open view on relationships.

“We know that people are not very faithful, right? Everybody lies. But we know that’s not the case, that’s what I think, I see the conversations. I’m not saying everyone, but I think it’s a subject that younger people have already changed a little about,” commented the model.

Luciana believes that flexibility will be a hallmark of relationships in the future.

“It’s a situation that people wonder about. Not on the first day, right? ‘Let’s start like this’. But I believe that maybe in the future people won’t cover themselves so much. I’m not saying I would, but I think things are different,” she said.

“The generation is different, people are more flexible, people are not so jealous. I think in the future, maybe people will be freer to be there if they want, to leave if they want, to stay if they want,” she continued.

When asked if she herself would consider an open relationship, the beauty didn’t rule out the possibility.

“Yes, I have considered it, I never say never, you never know anything,” she replied.

Luciana also explained that she identifies as demisexual, a term that describes people who need an emotional bond to feel sexually attracted to someone.

“When I say that, people laugh in my face. What I meant was that I’m a person who needs to have some feelings to go out with someone. It’s not just: ‘Let’s go’,” he clarified.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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