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Luciana Gimenez says that open relationships “maybe are the future”

The presenter Luciana Gimenez gave his opinion on open relationships on social media in the early hours of this Friday (31).

In a question box on her Instagram, the presenter received the following question: “What do you think about open relationships?”

To which she replied: “I think maybe this is the future…”

Last week, Gimenez was in New York, where he celebrated his son's graduation and 25th birthday alongside Mick Jagger, Lucas Jagger's father.

She also took the opportunity to honor her son's father at a Rolling Stones concert in the city.

After a quick and controversial relationship in 1998, in which Jagger cheated on his then-wife Jerry Hall, mother of four of his children, with Luciana Gimenez, the two have a good relationship today.

Remember the controversial relationship between Luciana Gimenez and Mick Jagger.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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