Luciana Littizzetto and her children in foster care: “They don’t call me mom, but I don’t care”

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Foster care is a choice that comes from the heart. Luciana Littizzetto he made it fourteen years ago when they entered his life Jordan e Vanessa, at the time 9 and 11 years. Two brothers that the Turin comedian wanted to take in foster care with his then partner Davide Graziano. Today the two boys are respectively 26 and 23 years old. And Luciana, who has for some time now completed the path of adoption, told his experience, for the first time a What’s the weather like, on the occasion of the publication of his book I trust you, story of my children born from the heart.

To Fabio Fazio, Littizzetto revealed that his choice was born after an interview with Maria De Filippi: «One day Maria told me about her experience. AND he overwhelmed me so much with his enthusiasm that I said to myself: “I’ll try too”. But at the time I was not married and could not adopt. So I thought about foster care ». Even if the path of foster care is all uphill: “It is a gesture of absolute generosity, it is different from adoption,” explained Luciana. “I do not know if you will return to your family of origin or you will remain, but in the meantime I am here, I help you to make a piece of life together».

The comedian then told Fazio amused many anecdotes about his children. For example, she revealed that the one who gave her the most trouble was the male: “Jordan is a wretch, I think I am the mother who has received the most calls from school in the world. There was always one, ”he said. “He clogged the toilets with paper, made balls, then he sold my autographs for 1 euro each, he did it to exchange the stickers. The teacher called me and told me. He cut out my signatures on the diary and said he cut out the kittens. Then once they called me for the hair. It had a step in front, I pointed it out to him and he replied that he always had it. She cut her hair and stuck it under her armpits to pretend she had hair, since his companions already had them. Vanessa is less crazy than him“. But she is a bit hypochondriac: “Vanessa has nonexistent diseases, her eye sizzles, her nose stings. And I have to contain these imaginary diseases ».

Last year Luciana had admitted, speaking to Mara Venier about her experience, that becoming a mother overnight had not been easy: «It was very difficult because with natural children a woman gradually learns to become a mother. With foster care or adoption, you become a mother of a sudden “. She, day after day, with Vanessa and Jordan has managed to build a very strong bond. But his children, as revealed by Fazio, they call her mom only «when we are in front of strangers, while they call me Lu when they are alone with me. In fact, they can’t really say mom, they have a natural mom. It is no longer a problem. I’m used to it now, but who cares».

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