Lucy Middleton, Kate’s cousin who worked at Spare

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There is an unexpected connection between Shoot, the memoir of prince Harryand the family of Kate Middleton. In fact, after publication, it turned out that the cousin of the Princess of Wales, Lucy, works as a lawyer for the Penguin Random Housethe publishing house that published the book bomb of the Duke of Sussex.

A senior position, hers, which certainly gave her the opportunity to view the book before publication, and to evaluate any legal consequences for Penguin, considering that, as can be seen from her Linkedin profile, she is specializing in defamation, privacy and confidentiality.

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Lucy Middleton, Kate’s cousin ©Linkedin.

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One wonders, at this point, if somehow Buckingham Palace had had some advances on the volume, why Lucy Middleton is not a distant relative of Kate, but very close to the princess. Her daughter of Richard, older brother of Michael Middleton, she is her first cousin of the future queen, to whom she has always been very close. The two have been dating assiduously since they were little and they also spent a period together in Florence, in 2000. Furthermore, Lucy is among the Christening godmothers of Prince Louis.

Work is work, of course, and it is said that the two have not discussed each other Spare, but it’s really hard to be sure. What is certain is that it is not the first time that Lucy Middleton ends up in the spotlight. In 2021, in fact, Lara Pasternak, granddaughter of the writer Borsi Pasternak (also famous for a disparaging article on Kate Middleton published on tatler in 2020, ed) sued Lara Prescott, author of The Secrets We Kept, published by Penguin, accusing her of plagiarizing her book Lara: The Untold Love Story That Inspired Doctor Zhivago. On that occasion the world discovered the existence of Lucy Middleton, who won the case. There are no disputes on the horizon this time around (at least for now), but he certainly doesn’t seem like the type to give discounts. Not even relatives.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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