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Ludmilla is accused of ignoring the delivery man and Brunna comes to her defense; understand

On the same day that Ludmilla's tour was canceled your wife, Brunna Gonçalves came to her defense this Wednesday (15) after she was accused of ignore an app delivery person in front of the house. The dancer showed videos from security cameras proving that the celebrity did not cross paths with the man that night.

The case, which would have happened on March 21st, went viral because the delivery man recorded a video complaining about Ludmilla's attitude. Brunna explained that she was the one who placed the food order and informed the house employee — who is the one who takes the orders for safety, according to her —. Through records from that night, she showed that the singer arrived moments before the delivery man, entering the house without having had contact with the man.

“I got there, Ludmilla got out of the car, looked at the face of the delivery man, the humble delivery man, instead of taking the f*cking order, she and her friends went inside, they went inside the house to call the maid to come and help me”, said the delivery man. And he added: “I earn by delivery, I don’t earn 30 thousand to win these sh*t songs. Fucking idiot.”

In the images shown by Brunna on her Instagram, the person passing by the man is one of Ludmilla's dancers, who, according to her, was not informed about what was happening. The delivery man then appears to get angry and leaves the door of the house.

In addition to the singer's wife, athlete and ex-BBB member Paulo André came to Ludmilla's defense on social media. According to his publication, he saw the images from the security camera on the celebrity's Instagram “best friends” and lamented about the disclosure of the case that had not been proven to be true.

Ludmilla had the cancellation of her tour announced this Wednesday (15). The “Ludmilla In The House Tour” would debut on the last Saturday of May and according to an official note, the singer's team claims that the decision was made “through non-compliance on the part of the producer [30e] responsible for the tour under the conditions set out in the pre-contract”.

Source: CNN Brasil

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