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Ludmilla receives racist attacks and says “there is nothing to celebrate” on Black Awareness Day

Singer Ludmilla, 28, responded this Monday (20) to the racist attacks she has been receiving on social media and stated that there is no reason to celebrate Black Awareness Day.

In a text published on

“Exhausted is not enough, but I will not back down — I will continue to exist and shine, no matter who it hurts — and once again I leave it on record: there is nothing to celebrate on November 20th,” wrote Ludmilla.

She also informed that her legal team is working to identify those responsible for the attacks and has already contacted platform X, which would have already deleted the reported posts.

The attacks reportedly began after fans of Mexican singer Kenia Os and Ludmilla herself clashed on social media.

The reason for the raid would be the fact that Ludmilla had stopped following Kenia after the Mexican had posted a photo with Anitta, a singer with whom Ludmilla remains disaffected.

Kenia’s fans made posts on X with montages that called Ludmilla a monkey. Prints of some of them were gathered by the Rio singer in the publication that she attached to the note in which she criticized the racist attacks.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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