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Ludmilla reflects on the Coachella show: “Preta won”

With just one day left to take the stage at Coachella , Ludmilla He opened his heart this Saturday (13) and shared the emotion of the moment with his fans.

On her Instagram profile, the singer did not hide her gratitude for the achievements in her career and personal life over the last 10 years.

Still in the open letter, the artist expressed her desire for other “Ludmillas” to also be everywhere, not being hindered by a system that tries to make people like her invisible.

“I came from a place where 'no' was always the most present word. I've heard so many 'no's' so far… I saw 'no' in people's eyes, on television, on magazine covers, in the way they sang and what I wanted to sing about. I had 'no' as my only horizon, but everything changed when I understood that my 'no' was stronger than all that”, he began.

Afterwards, Ludmilla says that she decided not to stop, not to accept little, not to be just another expectation.

“I am the 'no' that moves society, that many people do not swallow and that, through it, the 'yes' can be a new horizon for other Ludmillas that exist in Brazil and Latin America”, he continued.

“Today I know how relevant I am and in every step I take. Sunday, the 14th, I will take a very important step. And I won't be alone. I want to invite all of you to join me on the Coachella main stage and once again reaffirm the strength that we have TOGETHER. Preta won!” she added.

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How to watch Ludmilla's show at Coachella

In addition to this Sunday's show (14), Ludmilla will perform on the 21st as well.

The first show takes place on the Coachella Stage from 6:50 pm, Brasília time, broadcast on official festival channel on YouTube from 11:40 pm in Brazil.

The platform will broadcast with a multiview feature, which means it is possible to watch up to four shows simultaneously.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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