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Ludovico Tersigni, who found himself by abandoning social media for three years

Sky blue eyes, blond curls, Ludovico Tersigni he broke many hearts when he played the role of Giovanni Garau in the series Skam Italy. Born in 1995, the Roman actor spoke in a recent interview with 7 Corriere della Sera Of having detached themselves from social platforms to find themselvesin a less frenetic and more authentic and gentle pace. «For three years I stopped. Being well for me means stopping running”declared Ludovico Tersigni, who dedicated this long period to find himself againin an introspective journey which, among other things, has brought him his own first novel, See you beyond the horizon (Rizzoli). «Writing was a way to make all the experiences I had eternal. Even if everything had gone wrong I would still have left for this long journey because I felt I had to find myself again», explained Tersigni. In another recent interview given to FanPageLudovico Tersigni also spoke about burnout: «I believe it is a phenomenon due to the tools we use, telephones, social media, the perpetual contact with everything around us, when we would need more time to think about ourselves, detaching ourselves from everything».

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Detaching yourself for a period from social media as Ludovico Tersigni did: the psychological benefits

As the psychologist and psychoanalyst Elena Welcome«the choice to detach from social media, especially if carried out for a rather long period, it can have a strong and positive impact on our psyche. Initially it is likely that you will experience real withdrawal symptoms: it could in fact take over the famous FOMO, fear of missing outtherefore the fear of missing out on contact opportunities, as well as the (ephemeral) gratification of likes. But once the first phase has been overcome, you will begin to appreciate authentic human relationships and live connections much more. In a society that tends to run frenetically and pushes us to always be connected, Detoxing from social media also allows you to calm your thoughts and breathincrease concentration, turn off hyper-excitement from constant notifications.

Furthermore, especially among the very young, being on social media is equivalent to living in constant comparison with other peopleoften influencers with an apparently perfect life (not to mention an unattainable physical appearance). This culture of comparison risks damaging self-esteem, increasing insecurities and paranoia. In this sense, detaching yourself from social media allows you to look inwards, helping you focus on yourself and your goals and values, without constant external interference. People with anxiety and insomnia problems can also particularly benefit from the anti-stress effect given by social detox, avoiding the mental pollution caused by the daily overabundance of information”.

In summary, every now and then it would be good for everyone to detach themselves from social media and go back to appreciating real life, starting from the little things.

Source: Vanity Fair

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