Germany’s flagship airline operator, Lufthansa Group, has announced the launch of a loyalty program using non-fungible tokens based on the Polygon blockchain.

All airlines in the group, including Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines and Swiss International Air Lines, participate in the Uptrip program. For using the services of these airlines, passengers will be able to receive rewards in the form of digital collectible cards, which will provide additional benefits.

Maps in the form of NFTs will be divided into topics, depending on specific destinations and aircraft. By collecting all the cards of thematic collections, Uptrip members will receive special privileges: free Wi-Fi on board, access to airport lounges and air miles. It is planned to add a trading function to the Uptrip program, with the help of which users will be able to get the missing NFTs for their collections.

Collectible tokens are based on Polygon’s second layer solution for scaling the Ethereum network. The Lufthansa Group said that the Uptrip program was previously launched in test mode. The pilot project involved over 20,000 users who collected over 200,000 digital trading cards.

The airline Lufthansa became interested in digital technologies back in 2018 – the company held a competition on blockchain use cases in the aviation industry.