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Luis Miguel announces unique show in Brazil in SP; ticket sales started today

Puerto Rican singer Luis Miguel returns to Brazil after 12 years for a single performance at Allianz Parque, March 23, 2024.

With nine Latin Grammys and more than 118 million records sold and 67 shows on his new world tour sold out in minutes, the 53-year-old artist is affectionately called El Sol de México.

The announcement of his new world tour took place in August this year and caused a rush for ticket sales and was a trending topic on social media. This feat led the singer and his team to extend the tour to new countries, including Brazil, which will welcome the artist in São Paulo.

With more than 40 years of career, Luis Miguel is the owner of hits that cross borders such as “La Barca”, “Hasta Que Me Olvides”, “Culpable o No”, “Ahora Te Puedes Marchar”, “La Incondicional”, among many others and are part of the history of romantic Latin music.

The singer moves between bolero, pop, jazz and mariachi, but it was with romantic ballads that he won the hearts of millions of people, who follow him wherever he goes and made the series that bears his name a great success in the world. Netflix streaming platform.

Although he released his last album five years ago, Luis Miguel is followed by millions of fans around the world. On Spotify there are approximately 18 million monthly listeners and on YouTube, more than 2 billion views.

Sales for the show began this Tuesday (19) with prices ranging between R$215 and R$1,300. He follows here sales website.


  • Blue Chair R$ 1,300
  • Half Price Blue Chair R$ 650
  • Yellow Chair R$ 1,250
  • Half Price Yellow Chair R$ 625
  • Green Chair R$ 880
  • Half Price Green Chair R$ 440
  • Red Chair R$700
  • Red Chair Half Price R$ 350
  • Level 1 Side Chair R$ 720
  • Level 1 Side Chair Half Price R$ 360
  • Central Level 1 Chair R$ 660
  • Level 1 Central Chair Half Price R$ 330
  • Superior Chair R$ 430
  • Superior Chair Half Price R$ 215

(Published by Carolina Farias)

Source: CNN Brasil

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