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Luisa Mell says she broke two ribs during rescue in RS

Luisa Mell 45, used social media this Monday (13) to tell his followers that he had two broken ribs while rescuing animals victims of the climate tragedy in Rio Grande do Sul .

The activist is in Canoas, one of the cities hit by floods in the region since last week.

On Instagram, Luisa said that she felt severe pain and, therefore, started taking painkillers. However, the discomfort did not go away and he sought medical help.

After carrying out tests, she received the diagnosis. “Two broken ribs, so I couldn’t bear the pain anymore. Faced with so much suffering, I continued the rescues even with the unbearable pain I was in. But there was a time when the very strong medications were no longer effective,” she explained.

Afterwards, the influencer also regretted not being able to help with the rescues anymore. “I went to the hospital and the exam showed what I feared most: two broken ribs. I wanted to know when I could go back, but the doctor forbade me. And warned that a blow in this location could be fatal now,” she continued.

“I confess that I didn’t know it was so serious. It could have punctured an organ. But God protected me. But the most important thing is that a great team is there to replace me in the rescues. They even swim better than me. They climb roofs more quickly than me. In other words, despite being sad about no longer being able to work on the front line. I’m working and my team in charge is donating the rescue”, he concluded.

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Rain damage in Rio Grande do Sul exceeds half a billion

Source: CNN Brasil

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