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Lula-Xi meeting on April 14 in Beijing

THE Brazilian chairman Luis Inacio “Lula” da Silva will meet with him Chinese his counterpart Xi Jinping on Friday April 14 in Beijing, the former’s services announced yesterday Friday (31/3), as the head of state’s trip last week had to be rescheduled after Lula was diagnosed with mild pneumonia.

The 77-year-old Brazilian president will leave for China on April 11. He is expected to stick to his original schedule, which would have included signing some 20 bilateral agreements with the president of the world’s second largest economy. China is Brazil’s most important trading partner.

The purpose of the trip is to rewarm and upgrade relations between Brasilia and Beijing after Lula’s return to power and to seek new Chinese investment in Latin America’s largest economy.

The visit comes two months after Lula met his US counterpart Joe Biden at the White House, as his administration says it will pursue a pragmatic foreign policy and seek balanced relations with Brazil’s two biggest trading partners, despite the tensions between them.

The Brazilian presidency clarified that Lula will visit Shanghai on April 13, where Jilma Houssef will be named president of the New Development Bank.

Then, as part of his official visit, the Brazilian president will hold talks with Xi’s Chinese counterpart, Premier Li Chiang, and has also been invited to an event at the parliament headquarters, his services said.

Source: News Beast

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