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Lula’s voters do not have a different day for voting. All Brazilians vote on October 2

False: The audio that indicates a different day of voting for voters of the former president and candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) is false. In the content shared on a messaging app, the allegation is that the alleged difference in dates was published in Jornal Nacional, on TV Globo, and that it would be to avoid confusion with supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), who is running for reelection, the which is a lie. The first round of this year’s election takes place this Sunday, October 2, for all voters.

Investigated Content: In an audio that circulates on WhatsApp, a man says that voters who intend to vote for former President Lula must go to the polls on October 3 (Monday), not October 2 (Sunday), to avoid conflicts with voters who will vote for Bolsonaro.

where it was published: Whatsapp.

Completion of Proof: The allegation that circulates in an audio on WhatsApp in which a man says he saw on TV Globo’s Jornal Nacional, an article that allegedly said that voters of the candidates Lula and Bolsonaro must vote on different days in this year’s presidential elections is false. . The first round of the 2022 presidential elections will be held in October 2nd (Sunday) and all voters who intend to attend the polls must do so on this day.

Contrary to what the audio alleges, Jornal Nacional did not release the material mentioned in the fake message. one report published by JN last Friday, 30, he highlighted that Brazil has a record of voters able to vote in the 2022 elections and mentioned details involving the electorate and that the vote will take place next Sunday (October 2).

Where there is a second round, voters must attend the polls on October 30th. Voting is mandatory for Brazilians aged between 18 and 69 and is optional for illiterate people, young people aged between 16 and 17 and those over 70 years of age.

Falsefor Comprova, is content invented or that has undergone edits to change its original meaning and has been deliberately disclosed to spread a falsehood.

Scope of publication: It is not possible to scale the reach of the publication that circulates in a messaging application such as WhatsApp.

What the author of the publication says: It was also not possible to identify the author of the audio and, therefore, Comprova was unable to contact him.

How do we check: We consulted the website of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), the institution responsible for organizing the election, and checked the calendar of the 2022 elections. It includes October 2 as the official date for the first round across the country. In the case of a second round, voting will take place on October 30, also for all voters.

Still on the TSE website, we researched the positions in dispute on October 2nd and the voting orderwhich follows the provisions of the Resolution 23,669/2021. The rule provides for the general acts of this year’s electoral process.

The team also consulted on the internet about election reporting in the National Journal and the poll returned a story from last Friday, September 30th, indicating the correct voting date.

Voting day is October 2nd for everyone

In the electoral calendar defined by the TSE, the first round of voting for all voters is this Sunday, october 2. The last update to these standards was recorded in December last year, on the agency’s website. In the event of a second round, for the positions of governor or president, voting will take place on October 30th. The election date is also provided for in the federal Constitution.

Voting starts at 8 am and ends at 5 pm Brasília time. People queuing for the section at closing time will still be able to vote. In this year, there is a novelty: The voting schedule will be unified across the country. As a consequence, states with a time zone different from Brasília will have to adapt to the measure.

Thus, the sections of Rondônia, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Roraima and part of Amazonas open an hour earlier, that is, at 7 am local time, and also close an hour earlier, at 4 pm. In localities that follow the time zone of Acre, work starts at 6 am and ends at 3 pm. In Fernando de Noronha (PE), voting will begin at 9 am local time, and will end at 6 pm.

voting order

In this year’s election, the Brazilian voter will have to choose candidates for the Legislative and Executive. Five positions will be in dispute, two for the Executive branch (governor and president of the Republic) and three for the Legislative branch (federal deputy, state or district deputy and senator).

At the time of voting, the TSE highlights the importance of the voter being aware of the established voting order by the National Congress.

The first to be voted on will be the candidate for federal deputy, whose number is represented by four digits. Then comes the candidate for state or district deputy, with a number represented by five digits. Afterwards, the voter will choose the candidate for senator and must enter three digits in the electronic ballot box. Then the vote is for governor (two digits) and president (two digits), respectively.

why do we investigate: Comprova investigates suspicious content that went viral on social media about the covid-19 pandemic, public policies of the federal government and presidential elections. The audio tries to induce voters of former President Lula not to show up on voting day, scheduled for October 2, indicating the wrong date of the election. Disinformation is a practice harmful to democracy because the population has the right to make their choices based on reliable content.

Other checks on the topic: The disinformation content about the elections is recurrent at the moment. Comprova has already been shown to be false that polls arrived with registered votes in Cordeiro (RJ)what supporter who took a picture with Bolsonaro is not Lula’s uncle is that video uses 2018 rumor to claim that Federal Police found non-zero ballot boxes in Brasilia.

About the content investigated here, the Fact or Fake also classified it as false, denying that Lula and Bolsonaro voters should vote on different days.

Investigated by: A Gazeta, O Povo and Estado de S.Paulo; Verified by: BandNews FM, Jornal do Comércio, Correio, CBN Cuiabá, Correio Braziliense, O Popular and Grupo Sinos

This weekend, the Comprova team joined 6 other fact-checking initiatives in Brazil to jointly verify election misinformation. The partnership brings together AFP, Aos Fatos, Boatos.org, Comprova, E-Farsas, Fato ou Fake and Lupa.

Source: CNN Brasil

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