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Lumon will build its third production plant in Antequera: third factory in the world, 20 million investment and 200 jobs

The multinational Lumon, a company headquartered in Malaga dedicated to the design, manufacture, sale and assembly of glass curtains, has announced the construction in Antequera of its third plant in the world. A factory you will invest in 20 million euros, which would be operational at the end of 2022 and whose production will be destined to the countries of southern Europe and Israel, taking advantage of the railway connections of the ‘Megahub’ that is projected in the region.

The CEO of the firm in Spain and Portugal, Javier Martínez Uría, has explained to EL MUNDO that this plant is added to those that the group has in Finland and Canada, it will be the second in size and will generate more than 200 direct and indirect jobs in a context of economic contraction.

“This project began three years ago and several locations were considered. The first option was the Malaga capital, but it was difficult to find an industrial site that would suit our needs. Later we studied the possibility of building it in Casabermeja; but finally we opted for Antequera, which had the plus of the rail ‘Megahub’, which allows the goods to be transported quickly, at an affordable cost and in a sustainable way “, he explained.

The announcement of this 20 million investment should have been made earlier, but a impasse of about three months caused by the pandemic. After this time, the project was resumed. “We believe a lot in our development”, said MartÃnez UrÃa, who points out that Lumon’s growth is quantified in its commitment to human capital: “In six years we have gone from 50 to almost 300 employees in Spain , and we expect that in 2024 they will grow to 600. ”

They currently have selective processes open to cover more than a hundred positions as salespeople, installers and marketing experts, and the new factory, “which we hope will be operational by the end of 2022”, will generate more s of 200 direct and indirect jobs.

The manager has stated that the expansion of the multinational is based on a clear premise: “constantly innovate”. This commitment to R + D + i has positioned Lumon in the international market and is an example of how Spanish companies should shake off complexes, because “abroad they see us with better eyes”.

The new factory “is not a trivial bet”, it is a declaration of intent on its medium-term growth plans, after a singular story that began to be written more than 40 years ago and that had its germ in the marriage between a Spaniard and a Nordic woman. The man, on one of the trips to see his partner’s family, looked at the glass curtains and thought that it would be an easily implantable product in Spain, where there are many hours of sun. After considering it, he decided to take the step forward and, with the help of his wife’s son, currently in charge of the marketing department, he started a successful business journey.

The Lumon group closed its financial year 2020 with 32 million euros in sales, which meant a growth of 30% for the company. The company has tripled its volume of operations and staff in recent years.

It began in our country in Malaga and is currently present throughout the national territory. From its headquarters, located in the capital of Malaga, the company currently directs its activity in Spain, the Portuguese market and, for five years, also that of France.

In addition to the well-known glass curtains, the brand also manufactures railings, ceilings, awnings and blinds for terraces, porches and restaurants. Likewise, in recent times it has also been entering the world of new construction and façade rehabilitation, since “the products manufactured by Lumon turn the different open spaces into useful places that could not be used before”. “This is what their clients value most, to gain a more stay at home than before they could only take advantage of the summer days,” says the firm, which highlights that “the great energy savings” generated by the glazing .

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