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Lunar cycle: see the Moon phase calendar for June 2024

The June lunar cycle begins on Thursday (6) with the end of May's Waning Moon and the arrival of the New Moon. The change takes place at 9:37 am (Brasília time).

How does the lunar cycle work?

The lunar cycle is the period during which the Moon passes to complete a series of phases, which range from New Moon to reaching it again.

This cycle is known as the lunar month or synodic month, and has an average duration of approximately 29.5 days.

What does each phase of the moon look like?

  • New Moon

At this stage, the Moon is between the Earth and the Sun, and the illuminated part of the Moon faces the Sun, making it practically invisible from the Earth. But it is possible to observe its presence in the sky during the day.

  • Crescent moon

As the Moon moves away from the Sun, a thin illuminated slice begins to appear, forming a crescent. That's why it's called the Quarter of the Crescent Moon, as it is more visible than before.

  • Full moon

At this stage, the Moon is directly opposite the Sun in relation to the Earth, and its illuminated face is fully visible.

The passage of the Full Moon is the brightest phase — and when it is possible to see this celestial body completely illuminated in the night sky.

  • Waning Moon

As the Moon continues to “shrink in size,” only a thin illuminated slice remains visible before the Moon completely disappears from Earth's view, restarting the cycle with a New Moon.

See the lunar cycle calendar for June 2024

  • New Moon: June 6, at 9:37 am
  • Crescent Moon: June 14th, at 2:18 am
  • Full moon: June 21st, at 10:70 pm
  • Waning Moon: June 28th, at 6:53 pm

Source: CNN Brasil

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