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Lupi said he discussed with Haddad regulation of work by applications

Lupi said he discussed with Haddad regulation of work by applications

The Minister of Social Security, Carlos Lupi, said this Monday (6th), after meeting with the Minister of Finance, Fernando Haddad, that he will form a working group to discuss a proposal for regulation so that transport and delivery become insured by the National Institute of Social Security (INSS).

According to Lupi, a working group will be created with representatives of the Ministries of Finance, Social Security and Labor to propose the creation of a benefit for workers by application.

“Regular work through applications also means more revenue for Social Security. Our estimate is that over 2 million people work on service applications. If this is extended to other applications we will have an increase in revenue. Not even 10% of workers in this category contribute to Social Security as self-employed or individual micro-entrepreneurs”, he said.

Lupi also stated that he wants to automate up to 60% of Social Security services. He pointed out that one of the problems that lead to the growth of the INSS queue is that the same beneficiary makes 10 to 15 requests. The minister defends that the requests are counted by CPF. “We still have a lot of fraud in the INSS. And we also have a strange judicialization because you see a large number of requests denied by the INSS and then they are granted by the Justice”, he said.

The minister also defended that the reports and reports offered by doctors from the Unified Health System (SUS) to Social Security insured persons have the same validity as those carried out by medical experts from the INSS. According to him, the number of experts has been decreasing annually and the demand for work is only increasing.

Lupi also denied that he discussed with Haddad a proposal to revoke parts of the pension reform. However, he said he has a personal opinion on the subject, as a citizen and not as a member of the government.

“I have spoken and I repeat. I give my personal opinion, but I have no power to decree anything. We can present proposals to change the social security legislation. We have a National Social Security Council that studies proposals. We want to adjust what we consider unfair for a good part of the population”, said the minister.

Source: CNN Brasil