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Luxury Bike Hotel: luxury hotels for cycling holidays


A 5-star hotel, yes, but with a focus on two-wheel enthusiasts. The brand Luxury Bike Hotel in fact, it contains a collection of bike friendly luxury accommodation facilities: high-end relais and resorts recommended for those looking for unique experiences in direct contact with nature, without sacrificing the comforts of excellent hospitality. Carefully selected, all the Luxury Bike Hotels offer tailor-made services for cycle tourism, providing guests with the opportunity to savor the fun of moving around by bicycle to discover the landscape, places and culture of the reference territories.

These structures are also perfect for those who have yet to work, with fast wifi, meeting rooms and much more.

What is a Luxury Bike Hotel
It is a hotel facility equipped with essential services to allow anyone to visit the surrounding area on a bicycle. to be able to use the term bike hotel it must have: a bike room with a minimum of equipment for the maintenance of the bikes (with limited access to the owners of the bikes) a fast laundry service for technical clothing a spa or the possibility of massages decontracting also an external rental service for any type of bicycle the availability of guides or gpx tracks to make excursions the flexibility to create menus for breakfast, snacks or dinner tailored for cyclists.

5 good reasons to choose a Luxury Bike Hotel

  • because the bicycle sets our body in motion by strengthening our immune defenses
  • because the bicycle naturally distances us from everyone, allowing us to pedal even in a group without any danger
  • because the bicycle makes us stay outdoors, in the midst of nature
  • because the bicycle gives us a good mood and is also good for our mind
  • because the luxury Bike Hotels provide all the services that lovers of two wheels need

Here in the gallery the best Luxury Bike Hotels



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