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M. Draghi – G7: We hope to achieve an energy ceiling result before October

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi addressed the energy crisis at the end of the G7 summit in Germany.

“We hope to achieve a result for the energy ceiling before October. It is important that the whole debate be substantive, with a rational and not just a psychological approach,” said the Italian technocratic prime minister.

“At the moment it is difficult to understand what Russia will do with gas. We are moving forward, increasing storage and investment in renewable energy sources. And, of course, wider investment, always in renewable energy sources, in countries that are under development, “Draghi added.

The head of the government of Rome stressed that from the NATO Summit Italy expects the reaffirmation of the unity and firm stance that emerged from the G7 and, possibly, the enlargement of the Atlantic Alliance to Sweden and Finland. “Things did not go as Putin would have liked,” Draghi said.

Finally, regarding the food crisis, the Italian Prime Minister said: “Many thought that the ports should be cleared of mines. But now we see that there are safe corridors for the passage of ships, and that means that it can save time “.


Source: Capital

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