M. Katrinis: Given the prime minister’s responsibilities

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Regarding the given responsibilities of the prime minister, he speaks in a post on Twitter, the head of K.O. PASOK-Movement of Change, Michalis Katrinis commenting on the resignations of the general secretary of the prime minister, Grigoris Dimitriadis and the Commander of the National Intelligence Service, Panagiotis Kontoleon.

“From today, the prime minister’s political responsibilities are a given,” says Mr. Katrinis in his post.

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Mr. Konstantinopoulos: The attempt to downgrade the issue failed

On his part, the vice-president of the Parliament, Odysseas Konstantinopoulos, also speaks for a de facto vindication of N. Androulakis from today’s developments.

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“The insistence of the President of PASOK, N. Androulakis, for transparency and democracy is being vindicated today,” Mr. Konstantinopoulos says in a post on social networks and adds: “The capture of his cell phone is related to the momentum the faction is gaining for the change of political affiliations. The attempt to downgrade the issue by the government and friendly media failed. Today’s developments constitute a de facto vindication of N. Androulakis. In an institutional way, with our initiatives in the Justice Department, we reached today the resignation of G. Secretary of the Government Mr. Dimitriadis and the head of the EYP Mr. Kontoleon, persons completely connected to the Prime Minister.

Dark practices from the past were used to trap the mobile phone of N. Androulakis. After the latest developments, the government has no moral legitimacy. It is completely exposed to the Greek people because it undermines the orderly functioning of the Democratic polity. PASOK is committed, that with the power that the people will give it, it can guarantee the constitutional freedoms of the citizens.”

Source: Capital

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