M. Katrinis: Mr. Mitsotakis should answer why N. Androulakis was being monitored and who gave the order

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The head of PASOK-Movement for Change, Michalis Katrinis, addressed the Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, in his speech a little while ago in Parliament during the pre-day debate on surveillance, and challenged him to answer: If Nikos Androulakis is a threat for public safety, why it was being monitored and who gave the order.

“You invited Nikos Androulakis to get to know him, but after watching him first, but he does not enter into bargains, nor is he a convenient partner with you or with Mr. Tsipras who now appears as an honoree, said Mr. Katrinis.

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“Mr. Mitsotakis has lost the outwardly good witness. He does not inspire trust, he lacks credibility. He has put his political survival above the country and democratic institutions. He is a problem for the political stability and orderliness of the country, not only today but and in the future” emphasized the head of the PASOK Parliamentary Group.

He pointed out that the government’s goal is to cover up the truth and the culprits in the wiretapping scandal. He said history is repeating itself as the 1990-1993 period is revived in 2022 and called on the Prime Minister to answer the question of which other politicians or public figures are being monitored. “Who else was or is being monitored by EYP during your days? You don’t know? You didn’t ask to find out? You don’t care? Mr. Mitsotakis, the issue is not to justify yourself by saying that you didn’t know. The issue is who believes you. Why even executives of your faction, they don’t believe you,” emphasized Mr. Katrinis.

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“I invite you to state clearly the reason of national security that you invoke and for which you followed the leader of PASOK. And since you obviously will not do it because there is no such reason, you resort to arguments of the level that the President of PASOK should come to him you are informing privately. That is, in secret and in the ear. So, the president of PASOK will not go. And he challenges you to say publicly what you have to say”, emphasized Mr. Katrinis, addressing the prime minister.

Did he challenge the Prime Minister asking him to tell the truth and answer the question? Which other politicians may be being watched? “The actions of the government and the EYP are a blow to democracy,” said the head of the PASOK-Movement of Change K.O. He cited Anastasios Peponis who, in his sermon on the wiretapping case, in 1993, had said that “the ND integrated the parastatal into the state”.

Also, Michalis Katrinis commented on Mr. Mitsotakis’ report about “whoever votes for PASOK, votes for SYRIZA”, saying that whoever votes for PASOK votes for the defense of the Rule of Law and Democracy. “He is voting for both of them to leave. We are continuing with the autonomous course of PASOK”, added Mr. Katrinis, strongly criticizing the Official Opposition as well. “The establishment logic of SYRIZA, which instrumentalizes Justice and insists on party control of Institutions, is far from us. PASOK will guarantee the building of a state of law, with the power that the citizens will give it. Opposite the parastatal that emerged with these morbid practices. Against the anti-institutional practices we experienced with the SYRIZA-ANEL government, which gave examples of extreme authoritarianism, with an attempt to control the Mass Media, with the instrumentalization of justice to exterminate political opponents. But this is not a democratic function.” he mentioned and underlined: “PASOK does not play anyone’s game. It is a guarantor of democratic legitimacy, far from opportunistic invitations for Fronts that some people create in their minds”.

Source: Capital

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