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M. Sirengela: We stand by every female victim of violence in every way

On the occasion of the recent incidents of violence against women, some of which resulted in their murder by relatives, the Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Maria Syregela, whose competence includes issues of gender equality, underlined that “unfortunately”, still once, it is recorded “the phenomenon that has shocked us and we are doing everything to deal with it”.

Mrs. Syregela referred to the government’s priority of “supporting every woman who has experienced violence”, adding that “specifically, to date over 44,200 women have visited our counseling centers while over 3,700 women and children have been accommodated in shelters of network of our structures. But we don’t stop there for this and I want once again to tell every female victim of violence to ask for help, to contact the authorities or the SOS line 15900, which operates nationwide, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and provides immediate assistance in incidents of violence.”.

“There is no alibi for violence. We are not complacent. We are not stopping,” concluded Ms. Syregela in her statement.

Source: Capital

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