M. Spyrakis: I fell victim to a cyber attack in the European Parliament

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The ND MEP, Maria Spyrakis, was the victim of a cyber attack, as she stated in an interview, adding that this “is an issue that unfortunately concerns the world community”.

As Mrs. Spyrakis explained speaking to ANT1, “in June 2021 I received an e-mail from the head of Security of the European Parliament, requesting a meeting. I sent my assistant, because I thought it was a routine job. He asked and insisted to see me , saying that I have been the victim of a cyber attack and he had no other option to speak to my assistant,” he said.

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He continued: “A zoom meeting came and took place, because the measures were strict then. In this meeting it was revealed that my parliamentary e-mail was attacked by a government entity, a third country, on the 11th of March, and countermeasures were activated in order to this should not continue. We handed over all our mobile and fixed devices to Parliament and got new ones myself and all my assistants and associates. The dust did not rise, because simply this is a global issue, which needs very serious action . It also happens in the European Parliament, where I am and I know it. I can tell you that it happened to me and I assure you that it happens to many colleagues,” he noted.

As Mrs. Spyraki explained, many MEPs who manage critical issues are being targeted, but this can in no way be used for internal political confrontation. “They are targeting specific people from the European Parliament who handle issues. State entities from third countries are interested, various people from abroad are interested, it is an issue that clearly concerns the security of the services of the European institutions, because there decisions are made that concern each of us and each of us. But it is an issue that cannot be instrumentalized and used in internal political confrontation,” he concluded.

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Addressing the press representative of PASOK-KINAL, Dimitris Mantzos, Mrs. Spyraki stated that “we have to be very careful. I wish the Institutions and Transparency Committee of the Parliament could resolve this. I wish, but it is not happening. The case concerns the security services of the European Parliament and you can address there. It is a very serious problem abroad, I understand that because we are Greeks we can discuss it, but it is not an issue that concerns the Greek authorities”.

Source: Capital

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