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M. Syregela: We promote actions to support women’s work

“The government provides effective solutions to the problems of working parents, listens to society and proceeds with a radical reform of employment policy. We respond to the unjust criticism of the opposition and the needs of the citizens with projects, specific policies and actions, without saying big words. or to give performances of social sensitivity “. This was stated by the Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, responsible for issues of Demographic Policy, Family and Gender Equality, Maria Syregela, speaking from the floor of Parliament during the discussion of the bill “Jobs again”.

According to Ms. Syregela, “for our government, work is a pillar of society and is identified with social well-being. For us, work is social policy and not unemployment benefits.” “We promote actions to support women’s work, practical measures, effective and effective” stressed the Undersecretary and added that “female unemployment decreased to 16.2% in December 2021 from 20.1% in December 2019 “.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, in order to further increase the employment rates of women, motivates companies to create babysitting facilities within their facilities. The creation of storage spaces in businesses is a complementary measure of care for the children of this solar group and together with the “Neighborhood Nannies”, parental leave, paternity leave, flexible working arrangements of law 4808/2021, the Equality Mark in companies, strengthens the general network of harmonization of family and professional life in practice “, underlined Ms. Syregela, while concluding her position by saying that” the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs fully understands the needs of employees and especially working parents and constantly proves it “Creating new and innovative actions in support of them. It pursues social policy by removing trivial practices that do not work for decades and at the same time lays the foundations for personalized training and employment, equal access to the labor market and ultimately the country’s economic development.”

Source: Capital

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