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M. Syregela: We want to break the cycle of violence

The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs is creating an integrated network for the prevention and treatment of violence against women. In this context, the “Horizontal Tool for Assessing the Risk of Domestic / Gender-Based Violence in Greece” was presented yesterday at an event held at KYVE Peristeri.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, the Risk Assessment Tool is in the form of a questionnaire and assists professionals in first aid violence services (such as Counseling Centers for Women Victims of Violence, police, prosecutors, hospitals, forensics). service and social services) to assess the degree of risk to the victims and to manage the incidents, taking appropriate measures.

Identifying risk factors for the recurrence of abusive behavior against women is vital to their coordinated, effective and immediate protection.

The Risk Assessment Tool will be implemented on a pilot basis in the Municipalities of Peristeri, Kavala and Heraklion, Crete. Professionals will be trained in its use, while training of representatives of the services that will participate in the pilot application in the United Kingdom has already taken place, with the assistance of the British Embassy.

The Undersecretary of Labor and Social Affairs, in charge of Demographic Policy, Family and Gender Equality, Maria Syregela, said: “The government has put high on its agenda the issue of prevention and treatment of gender and domestic violence. We plan and “actions to effectively combat violence and harassment, and we are building a wall of protection against abuse, a wall that is getting taller every day.” “We want to break the cycle of violence and ensure that all women have a safe environment free from fear and abuse,” she said. “We stand by all women and we will continue to do so until to defeat violence and put an end to the mentalities that allow abusive behavior, thus creating a better society, with respect from all to all “.

Source: AMPE

Source: Capital

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