M. Varvitsiotis: If Erdogan’s threats become action, he will find us ready

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“Mr. Erdogan has accustomed us to threats. We are prepared for anything. If these threats become action, he will find us ready. Politically and operationally we are determined to deal with them. This is the order of the Prime Minister.” This was emphasized by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Miltiadis Varvitsiotis in an interview on the show “Simera” of SKAI.

In particular, Mr. Varvitsiotis, commenting on the recent statements of the Turkish President that the US has chosen the wrong side in the Aegean to join, pointed out that they testify to the extent of his isolation. “You understand how important the defense agreement signed by the government with the United States is, how much this whole network of defense and diplomatic agreements that Greece has made has disturbed and how much power they give to our country against the Turkish threat,” he said. And, recalling the negative attitude of the opposition in both the Greek-French and the Greek-American agreement, he stressed that these issues are not the field where we must oppose, but where we must show a spirit of solidarity and determination in the face of the Turkish threat.

Asked about the management of migration flows and on the occasion of the questions of the Dutch journalist during the recent interview of the Greek and Dutch Prime Minister, the Deputy Minister pointed out that Greece is completely legal with the provisions of the European Regulation for the protection of maritime waters. He added that, contrary to Turkish propaganda, no one in Europe accuses Greece of not properly implementing human rights agreements or of drowning people at sea. “If there is a person in danger, we are rescuing him, there is no doubt,” he said.

In the same vein, Mr Varvitsiotis noted that Europe has been alarmed by what is happening in Poland and Lithuania and has now come to realize that “the instrumentalization of migrants is a direct threat.” , he stressed.

He concluded by saying that Turkey has become a permanent issue in Europe, whether on fisheries, human rights, economy or security. “And whenever we talk about it, there is a violation,” he said.


Source From: Capital

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