M. Varvitsiotis: NATO emerges as the only shield against the Russian threat

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“The big winner from the NATO Conference was NATO itself, which is expanding and gaining members that we did not imagine could join until a few months ago,” Deputy Foreign Minister Miltiadis Barvitsiotis told the radio station today. “Real FM”.

He added that NATO is now emerging as the only shield against the Russian threat and is gaining much more tools for Europe’s defense planning.

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The second winner, as Mr. Varvitsiotis pointed out, is the spirit of cooperation and peace in the Aegean, as a result of the meeting of US President Joe Biden with Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan. As he explained, the communication channel between Washington and Ankara at a time when Greek-American relations are at the highest possible level, offers a way to calm down the Turkish aggression.

Commenting on Turkey’s behavior in the negotiations with NATO, the Deputy Foreign Minister noted that Ankara did not make any substantial gains from the memorandum it signed with Sweden and Finland, instead the Scandinavian countries understood what is the most ambiguous Turkish event. ground for cultivating our own positions and relationships.

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Regarding the upgrade program of the Turkish F-16, he noted that it is not easy to pass with the current composition of the American Congress. At the same time, as he said, Greece has submitted a request for its participation in the F-35 program and stressed the correctness of the decision of the Greek government to strengthen our defense cooperation with the United States.


Source: Capital

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