M. Vergi (Intrum): Sustainable financing is key to loan restructuring

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Ms. Maria Vergi, General Manager, Commercial Restructuring Solutions of Intrum, spoke at a series of opportunities given to businesses in terms of their financing, so that sustainable businesses have a next day and are competitive, speaking at the Risk Management & Compliance conference.

“In the first sectoral portfolio that we have launched in the secondary market, which includes hotels, we have set as a criterion, among other things, the strategy that the potential investors will have for the hotels in the perimeter. We understand this strategy in terms of development and optimizing the dynamics of the hotels in the portfolio “, stressed Ms. Vergi.

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Specifying the financing options for the companies that have been restructured, the General Manager of Intrum, pointed out that, already when the restructuring is considered, the working capital needs are considered and either the terms of the regulation are adjusted in order for the company to create internal working capital or or a working capital line is maintained.

“During the securitization of portfolios, we maintained all the lines of working capital that the companies had in order to preserve their viability but also their complete consolidation, while in cases of intensive fixed assets, such as hotels, the restructuring plan always covers the need for maintenance investments. fixed or even renovated “, he noted.

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Ms. Vergi made a special reference to Intrum’s initiatives to bring those companies with business prospects in contact with an extensive network of investors, either strategic or financial, in order to receive financing or equity participation. “Especially the latter, we consider to be particularly important as it contributes to the growth and improvement of the competitiveness of Greek companies.” Intrum also provides businesses with information, information and advice on utilizing the NSRF and other subsidy or investment programs.

Asked about the differentiation in the behavior of customers, individuals and companies, in terms of payment culture, the General Manager of Intrum noted that in recent years there has been a significant shift to a more consistent attitude, with a willingness to find solutions that will be sustainable and will provide the final solution to the debt problem they face.

“It is characteristic that both the individuals and the companies whose loans we manage, to this day, despite the increases in energy and food prices, pay the installments that we have jointly formed with the settlement of their debts and continue to show in practice This shows a gradual change of mentality to which various factors have certainly contributed, such as the activation of the public revenue mechanism, the enactment of the new Laws which with much greater clarity than in the past give “The right messages, but also the accumulated experience of Banks and Servicers that allows us to be more friendly, more targeted and to provide definitive and appropriate solutions,” he stressed.

Source: Capital

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