M. Voridis opens at the institutional level the dialogue around the Multilevel Governance

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The main direction of the Ministry of Interior regarding the changes promoted in the Local Self-Government and the Decentralized Administrations was set by the Special Permanent Committee of Regions, the Minister of Interior, Makis Voridis.

Mr. Voridis noted that the dialogue is now opening at the institutional level on the issue of further transfer of responsibilities to the Decentralized Administrations as well as the evaluation of the existing responsibilities and whether they are exercised satisfactorily in terms of the objectives set.

He stressed that this dialogue is part of a broader discussion on Multilevel Governance and raises a number of questions about the formation of the Public Administration itself and the direction it should take.

At the same time, he clarified that at present the Government does not intend to transfer primary health care and education to the Local Government and listed the multitude of responsibilities of the Decentralized Administrations, clarifying that the transfer of some of them conflicts with the Constitution, while others could be dialogue.

He even reminded that the exercise of state supervision over local authorities derives from the Constitution, responding to SYRIZA’s allegations about a “suffocating supervision framework”.

“Will we not exercise control over the finances of the local authorities? And if a municipality goes bankrupt, what will happen? Do you want us to introduce a mechanism for the bankruptcy of the local authorities? Who will provide services to the citizens when the budget has collapsed?” the minister wondered, pointing out that it is not possible in the name of respecting the role of Local Government not to control it.

“The local government is controlled both in terms of compliance with the finances and in terms of compliance with legality,” he noted, adding that integrity and adequacy are required in the way of control.

In addition, he pointed out the need to set up a mechanism that will discuss the responsibilities arising from the passed bills, assess their necessity and decide the level at which they will be awarded, announcing its creation in the near future.

“This is linked to an even greater intervention in the overall assessment of responsibilities,” he said, calling the project “a huge institutional intervention” that has been absent for decades.

He even announced that the legislative proposal of the Ministry will come very soon, having preceded the required completeness and diligence in its preparation, so that any transfers of responsibilities are legal, constitutional, financially weighted, functional and benefit the Greek citizens.

Finally, he stigmatized the opposition criticism of SYRIZA, which he characterized as sterile and counterproductive, emphasizing that he did not contribute the slightest to the dialogue he opened.

Source From: Capital

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