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M. Xenogiannakopoulou: The answer to the government’s anti-social policy will be given by the people in the elections

The comments of the government representative regarding the intervention of Alexis Tsipras at the conference of ygeiamou.gr were answered by the Head of Labor of SYRIZA-PS, Mariliza Xenogiannakopoulos, accusing him of “government propaganda”.

“Mr. Oikonomou in his desperate attempt to cover the huge responsibilities of the Mitsotakis government for the robbery adjustment clause and the dirty profit in energy, the uncontrollable accuracy and the dramatic reduction of the incomes of the citizens, causes with his statements that the public has Challenges and devalues ​​workers whose purchasing power is shrinking every day, retirees whose pensions are disappearing, small and medium-sized businesses and farmers who are in despair and have no support, the new generation that government choices have condemned to cheap flexible work without rights and perspective “, he states characteristically, commenting that” the pensioners are very well aware of the mockery of the Mitsotakis government that abolished the 13th pension, handed over the supplementary insurance to the private interests, devalued EFKA, more than tripled the outstanding pensions, part of the debt retroactive pensions, most of which he got back through taxation “.

“The answer to the government propaganda and anti-social policy will be given by the people in the elections! The only solution today is political and social change and a strong progressive government”, concludes M. Xenogiannakopoulou.

Source: Capital

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