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Square meter – helps to quickly and easily solve complex issues related to housing. With us it is easy to buy an apartment, new buildings, as well as rent a house and equip your new home! You can use individual services: for example, an online mortgage in 20 banks or the repair of your apartment.

  • Large selection of real estate. We have collected a large database of real estate in new buildings and on the secondary market and made a convenient search using a variety of parameters. Now renting apartments is very easy! The relevance of all ads is constantly checked by the neural network and additionally controlled by moderators. So rent an apartment in a brick house or in a monolithic, in a quiet area or closer to the metro – if your dream apartment is for sale, you will definitely find it with us!
  • Mortgages are 20 times more affordable. We will help you complete a single application for a mortgage in 20 major mortgage banks: choose the right offer and get your mortgage loan approved in just a few clicks. A mortgage manager will help you every step of the way in obtaining a mortgage. You no longer need to waste time and energy on documents and trips to different banks.
  • Deal protection. We will refund the full cost of the property if for any reason you lose the right to property. For example, if the seller turns out to be bankrupt or the rights of minor owners were violated during the sale of the apartment.
  • Purchase online. We will help you buy real estate on the secondary market, choose the best new buildings, draw up documents, submit them for registration with Rosreestr and make settlements with the seller. You only need to come to the bank office once, and everything else can be done online.
  • Hassle free repair. The terms and cost of work are known before they begin and are fixed in the contract. Payment occurs in stages and only for completed and accepted work. You can sign documents, pay for stages and monitor progress online in your personal account.
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We are responsible for every square meter!

Detailed conditions are on the m2.ru website and in the application.

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Buying an apartment or renting a house on m2.ru is a space for your imagination, because you can search for an apartment by any parameters and in any way. For example, you can find an apartment near the metro, filter out real estate in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities. It is important that the Square Meter is not only a search!

With us, renting an apartment is as easy as buying. Indeed, together with the search for real estate, we offer assistance in obtaining a mortgage in the largest banks. Mortgage online in 20 banks! Mortgages are approved online.

The Square Meter ecosystem was created as a platform where you can solve any issues with real estate in one place: rent an apartment, search for suitable options and conduct a transaction before arranging repairs and moving to a new home.

The application from the site m2.ru is an opportunity to collect all the functions of the site for the selection of apartments for purchase on your device and receive all the latest information about new ads in new buildings or in the secondary housing market.

“Square Meter” is a tool for comfortable interaction with the real estate market for buyers and sellers. For buyers and people looking for apartments to rent, this is a large database of ads with convenient filters and options for finding housing.

If you are selling or renting an apartment, you will find a large number of functions for posting ads, as well as tracking user activity.

Within the application, a unique number of proposals for new and secondary housing has been collected.

M2 is the official partner of developers and unites apartments in new residential complexes of the largest developers: PIK, Donstroy, MR Group, Samolet, INGRAD, Etalon Group and others.

In the secondary market, the service combines many relevant ads in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia. We will help you quickly find and rent housing – apartments for rent in all major cities of the country.

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