MacBook Shipments To Rise Up To 17.1 Million In 2021

According to statistics by Finaria, it has been predicted that the worldwide Apple MacBook shipments will reach up to 15.5 million this year, a 23% increase despite of the coronavirus pandemic. The worldwide shipments tend to keep rising during next year with an addition of 10% which will be up to 17.1 million.

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MacBook Sales

Because of Covid-19, this year the market for laptops and PCs rapidly increased especially because of the millions of people working from home. Statistics show the total amount of Apple Mac sales during the first quarter of 2020 have been 3.5 million units which is 6 % less than last year. In the second quarter, sales increased by 5% and the global sales reached up to 4.3 million. The sales kept on rising till the third quarter of 2020 by 7% to 5.5 million YoY. In July 2020, Mac OS market share totaled up approximately to 17%, and this was said to be the double amount of sales in comparison to the past five years.

Apple MacBook has been graded as the third most leading laptop brand in the UK and US, whereas in Germany it is the fifth after Acer, HP, Lenovo, and Asus. According to a Global Consumer Survey it has been highlighted that 21% of users have been operating MacBook from their houses in the US, and 19% of Britons in the UK. Additional 35% users mentioned HP as their most liked laptop label followed by Dell with a share of 28%. Data has represented that during the past two years MacBook’s sales had been decreasing significantly, up to 12.8 million and 12.6 million units.

During the period of 2016, Apple sold 13.4 million MacBook units globally. This trend kept on rising from 18% to 15.8 million. It has been noticed that Apple Mac’s system program has been profiting from its market shares since many years. In December 2015, it summed up to 9.8%, and then increased to 13% in 2016 and 2017.

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It has been informed that Apple-the most outstanding brand on market, will continue to work on Mac as it has become an important part of the business. However, the time frame for this shipment is not yet announced.

Apple said that the current pandemic situation has been proved good for the company sales since the entire world is working from home, including students who are having online classes on laptops.

Also informed with no doubt that there will even be a bump caused by Apple’s first Silicon MacBook. However, supported the amount of Macs that sold-out in this year- several of them before the introduction of Apple’s new computers. Individuals were already shopping for Macs in a nice number, back then.

Since 1984, Apple has designed and made associate in nursing array of PCs below the Macintosh name, and the merchandise lineup includes desktops like the iMac and Macintosh Professional, likewise as notebooks MacBook Air and MacBook Professional.

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